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Public Partners


Bpifrance - As a trusted partner for entrepreneurs it promotes competitiveness and provides growth services for companies on behalf of the French State, acting in support of public policy.

With 2 500 employees, ready to serve entrepreneurs, Bpifrance has three goals:

  • To support the growth of business
  • To prepare for future competitiveness
  • To create an ecosystem that is favourable to entrepreneurship

Bpifrance assists businesses of all sizes, primarily micro-businesses, SMEs and mid-caps, but also big firms that are considered strategic in terms of national economy, territories or employment. Offers a range of financing products (debt) as needed (increase your cash flow, grow your business and finance your growth, guarantee your bank loans, innovate)


Business France - A French international business development agency, accelerates the growth of startup companies in Shanghai, through personalised services allowing entrepreneurs to efficiently adjust and thrive in one of the most challenging markets in the world. Business France brings together all its expertise to support your business’ development and to ensure the success of your projects by offering a pragmatic, customized approach in line with your budget and ambitions.

It is a key player in fostering competitiveness, growth and employment in France, offering clear and efficient access to all corporate development stakeholders and services for all businesses, irrespective of their size, sector, and projects, from exports to investments through to multinational partnerships.

CCI France Chine - Established in 1992, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China (CCI France Chine) is an organization which represents French companies doing business in China.

French Chamber’s membership comprises a network of more than 1,603 member organizations. Its Board of Sponsors consists of 53 groups and enterprises and its team consists of 43 permanent French and Chinese staff. The French Chamber is a non-profit organization under Chinese law, governed by a steering committee of 30 members.

The CCI France Chine activities are mainly financed by our membership fees, and our organization does not benefit from any public funding.

Les Conseillers Du Commerce Exterieur De La France - Selected for their competence and their international experience, the 'Conseillers du Commerce extérieur de la France' (CCE - French Foreign Trade Advisor) are appointed for three years through a prime ministerial decree, on the recommendations of the Minister for Foreign Trade. For more than 115 years, on a voluntary basis, they have been placing their experience at the service of France's economic presence around the world.114 business leaders and experts from international, chosen for their competence and experience, alongside France team export and for development of the French economic presence in the world.

They have daily experience of dealing with the opportunities and risks of the world's markets and they have extensive, hands-on, concrete and very practical information to share. CCEs organise regional colloquiums, conferences and symposiums, normally in partnership with the main institutional stakeholders (regional economic services, Business France, French chambers of commerce abroad, economic advisory units within embassies, etc.)


OSCI - Specialized Operators of International Trade, is the federation of international trade entrepreneurs. It groups Accompanying Societies International (SAI), the Export Management Companies (EMS) and Societies of International Trade (SCI). Specialized by geographical area and by business segment. These companies offer a wide range of support services and international commercialization.

The OSCI is positioned both as a gathering of professionals of accompaniment and international trade, and as a force of dialogue with the authorities on the support to foreign trade. Its ambition is to bring together all the entrepreneurs in international trade and to accompany them in their development, in order to support foreign trade.

Private Partners

31ten - is a creative company that develops ideas, promotes potential and delivers solutions for individuals, organisations and the environment.  We are a team of creative individuals with different sets of skills, who all have in common a passion for the intellectual challenge of innovatively overcoming and circumventing limitations. 

Our goal at 31TEN is crafting the right digital strategy and produce ROI-driven solutions for our clients. We don’t make “aesthetically” pleasing websites or apps, by adopting a testing / trial-and-error approach, we make products that people actually use and love to interact with.

AXA - In 1985, the AXA brand is born, thanks to Claude Bébéar's actions. For previously-named Mutuelles Unies / Drouot Group, the leader of private insurance in France at the time, this new name reflects a powerful ambition: Develop on an international scale.

30 years later, AXA is the world's leading insurance brand. Faithful to the original ambition that led it to become the world's leading brand, AXA Group is committed to creating value while earning the confidence of its customers every day through innovation and engagement with the world.


Coface - For 70 years, Coface has helped companies trade safely around the world. Their credit insurance protection and credit management services help ensure that their 40,000 clients will get paid for the merchandise or services delivered to their customers.

With 4,200 employees located in 67 countries, Coface has the global coverage and the on-the-ground knowledge to make thousands of credit decisions each day.  Work closely with their clients at every stage of their business life cycle, helping them to anticipate and evaluate risks in order to make the right credit decisions.


CroissancePlus - Founded in 1997, CroissancePlus is an association of entrepreneurs who unites business leaders in high growth and partners (insurance, major banks, law firms, consulting, audit, accountancy, recruitment, venture capital ...). There is a Croissance Plus chapter in Shanghai since 2016.

Ecritel - Ecritel is a web host and facilities management supplier for companies. As a specialist in facilities management, Ecritel has teams specialising in all of the main operating systems, database management systems and software environments, enabling it to guarantee continuity of service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


French Founders - Founded in 2014, French Founders is the business club, next-generation French speaking leaders and founders - worldwide. Our mission is to facilitate business exchanges within an exceptional community of CEOs, top-executives and entrepreneurs.

It is our ambition every day to know the business needs of our members in order to facilitate relevant contacts to save development time with the right contact at the right time. We always bring added value, especially through events with prestigious speakers.


IT Consultis - Is a dedicated digital agency in Shanghai strongly committed to research, layout, and deploying only the best digital solutions; offering a wide array of services ranging from entirely tailor-made web development projects to  apps, eCommerce, and in-store experiences

In only 5 years, IT Consultis has rapidly expanded to reach over 55 employees, while working with some of the best brands in the world including GAP, Zara, Porsche, Decathlon, Budweiser and Leica.

Jumo Group -  Jumo is a foreign market entry accelerator, expert at unraveling market opportunities for both arriving and operating companies in the country. 

Our team serves businesses looking for sustainable growth, to understand, plan, design, communicate and sell in foreign markets for and with you. Jumo has become expert in providing worldwide clients with a one-stop solution dedicated to expanding companies’ activities across Asia.

L'Atelier BNP Paribas  - is established in three major geographical areas that are key for innovation – the United States, China and Europe – so as to spot trends and opportunities and advise and support companies. 

Most importantly, L'Atelier also brings innovative entrepreneurs into contact with major corporations so that they can work together to invent and design new digital products and services.

Learning Tribes - is an international learning and development organization, dedicated to the creation of customized and innovative learning solutions. We present our clients with personalized training experiences for greater engagement and development. 

Guided by the business stakes of its customers, Learning Tribes developed expert solutions thanks to its 4 "tribes"​:

- Learning CRM: the specialist of the customer relationship 
- Learning Up: the expert of the leadership
- Learning by Mooc: the digital learning studio 
- My Mooc: the best place to find a training

Linkfluence - Our mission is to support our clients in their process to capitalise on social web data (Facebook, Twitter, online media, blogs, forums, Instagram, social networks, etc.) and open up new opportunities, whether on earned or on owned media.

Linkfluence offers unique solutions to monitor, analyse and get the most out of social media; helping brands devise tactics and approaches to feed their marketing and communication strategies.

Linkfluence teams are determined to meet your specific needs and help you make the most of Radarly. We provide training, support, reporting, community profiling, image assessment and trend research.


Must Grill -  A casual grill restaurant and bar serving delicious, all imported meat and fish paired with a specially-selected range of wines, both at affordable prices. 

Recently partnering with la French Tech Shanghai, MUST Grill is the new hot spot to host tech events and networking functions; equipped with projectors for presentations coupled with food and drink for the perfect business function.consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi


naked HUB - Take on a new perspective of work at naked Hub where professional independents from creatives, entrepreneurs to thinkers come to work and play in balance. naked Hub offers a collaborative shared work space environment and community.

Located in the city’s prime areas, naked Hub enables easy access via public transport as well as an abundance of surrounding amenities from dining to entertainment. On site they offer high speed internet, a coffee bar and cafe, ergonomic furnishings as well as lounge areas.

NetBooster Asia - is a digital marketing agency network, offering intelligent, performance based marketing strategies and campaigns.

We have specialist in China who are experts in each field of marketing including; Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC), (Real Time) Media Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Analytics, Data Intelligence, Social Media, Mobile, Online Video, Strategic Consultancy, Website Development, Creatives and Consultancy & Training. 

NetBooster delivers these services to clients in Asia including Huawei, Accor, Emirats, Club Med, Veolia, Beaumavoir, METRO Cash & Carry, LVMH.

NextStep - When NEXTSTEP was formed in 2007, our goal was to help Shanghai business community build a curated network of business professionals and access to relevant information to grow their career and company.

In the first 3 years, NEXTSTEP has developed over 150 networking events, forums, and round-table sessions with a community of entrepreneurs, GMs, and consultants well over 15,000 people in Shanghai. NextStep is coming back in 2016 with an online and offline workshop platform designed to accelerate your business and career.

We are providing hands-on workshops and training targeting every entrepreneurs and managers, on different subjects (Invoicing, WeChat Marketing, Taxes, Labor law...) as well as in industries (Hospitality, Luxury, Consulting, Heavy Industries, Food distribution,...).

ORES - is an integrated Communication Agency based in Lille (FRANCE) and Shanghai (CHINA). Our aim is to offer a 360° service from the creative and strategic communication solution to the final production. We build and assist brand creation while being driven by one core value: efficiency. 

We believe that a good communication campaign is not only a creative one, but one that allows you to achieve your goals. It is because we have already done your job, that we know what you need. 

It is because we internalize all the skills necessary to assist you on your issues (whether it be classic or numeric media) that we can guarantee you creativity, agility and efficacy.

Phoceis - is a Mobile & Digital Agency collaborating since 10 years with brands and retailers in the digitalisation of the purchase journey of their customers. innovation and consulting agency, working on connected commerce paradigm. 

Wherever consumer can be, in the street, in the store, at home, we help brands providing their clients with efficient and useful digital tools : mobile or tablet application, responsive websites, and instore kiosks. 

Placing innovation at the heart of his approach and strategy, Phoceis imagines and develops new uses around the connected devices. We also work for major retail brands in both Europe and Asia.

Sensee - Our vision is yours, our mission is to offer you a beautiful view by being transparent, creative and demanding. We design and manufacture quality frames at a revolutionary price. 

Sensee is a brand 100% made in France, a committed state of mind, a simplified distribution, suppressed intermediaries and compliance with standards and your visual health. A collection of timeless frames designed in our studios for men and women in search of fair price, simplicity, quality and confidence.

System in Motion - We are a Group of dynamic and fast growing international IT companies, with great ambition, based in Shanghai, with already 80 permanent employees. We have customers worldwide, in every sector of the economy, who trust us with challenging and high added value projects.

Our culture is based on achievement, innovation, sharing, integrating and constantly improving skills, which is reflected in our teams: composed of young and creative people, of various nationalities, origin and experience, who complete each other with different perspectives. Working with us means working in a strong relationship, conviviality, technical and cultural diversity, with a common goal: clients’ satisfaction.


Talent Fishers - Set up in 2007 in China to support foreign-invested companies with their recruitment needs, Talent Fishers expanded gradually throughout the region and developed its practice to cater to a growing demand for human capital solutions in Asia. 

The Talent Fishers are a rare typology of recruitment professionals specialized in a caring, committed, empathetic and quality-driven form of direct approach, sourcing and selection process.

Customization + Determination + Methodology + Local expertise = Results!


TechNode - (formerly known as MOBINODE) is the leading tech media uncovering the latest news on start-up entrepreneurs, investors, large companies and industry trends in China and Asia. 

TechNode is the official partner of TechCrunch, managing TechCrunch China. Its focus is social media, mobile and e-commerce and new trends such as Big Data and augmented reality.consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi

World Events Agency - Organizes trade shows and conferences since 2002 in Paris, France, and in Shanghai, China since 2004.Founder and CEO Sacha Dunas, started his career as an exhibition organizer back in 1986 in Paris. 

In the early 1990s, he expanded his knowledge of the industry by working for events juggernaut Blenheim before leading its own company with events such as Network & Systems Management, Intranet Expo, Security Expo, and ATM Expo. Today World Events Agency regroups 20 collaborators in its different offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu.


XNode - A co-working space and startup accelerator born in Shanghai of China. With the supports of Shanghai Land Group, Zhangjiang Group, Geekbang and other partners, XNode aims to build the most international startup community based in Shanghai. 

We incubate ideas and accelerate startups & entrepreneurs, connecting them to an international and local network of mentors, experts, partners, VCs, corporations and institutions looking for the next Unicorns. 

We build workspace in strategic locations across Shanghai, where both local and foreign teams work together and share ideas as one community. We passionately help next-generation entrepreneurs redefine, disrupt and establish new orders within their industries.

Gold Sponsors

MBADMB - With a management team of more than 20 years of experience combining the development of business in this sector and the management of higher and professional training in digital marketing, the MBA Specialized Digital Marketing & Business is the first MBA of Digital Transformation in Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Paris and Shanghai!

MBADMB trains you to be prepared with new marketing and communication tools but also more broadly to accompany and anticipate the digital transformation of the whole of society. #InsideDigitalRevolution

Pernod Ricard - Pernod Ricard is the No.2 worldwide in Wines & Spirits with consolidated Sales of € 8,682 million in 2015/16. Created in 1975 by the merger of Ricard and Pernod, the Group has undergone sustained development, based on both organic growth and acquisitions. Pernod Ricard holds one of the most prestigious brand portfolios in the sector.

Pernod Ricard is strongly committed to a sustainable development policy and encourages responsible consumption. Pernod Ricard’s strategy and ambition are based on 3 key values that guide its expansion: entrepreneurial spirit, mutual trust and a strong sense of ethics.

Silver Sponsors

ADEN Services - Assists clients with achieving greater efficiency in their core business by providing essential support services from Facility maintenance and Energy Services to facilities support services and HR Management solutions. 

Only ADEN Services offers the invaluable combination of multiservice expertise, operations excellence, and regional approach in each market. Our clients can leverage the full range of our services through a single point of contact for all of their facilities management or remote site management needs. Hundreds of local and international organizations from a wide range of industries and sizes, including clients listed on the CAC40, FTSE100, Forbes Global 2000, and Fortune 500, rely on ADEN Services for strategic outsourcing.

bioMérieux - represents, first and foremost, 50 years of a family’s entrepreneurial spirit and 50 years of human adventure and scientific pioneering in the interest of public health and medicine throughout the world. bioMérieux’s commitment to public health and expertise in biology are rooted in its unique family history. 

Some assets include: A strong commitment and a long-term vision (family-owned company), world leader in clinical microbiology, the pioneer and number 1 in industrial microbiology for the agri-food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and a broad international footprint.

DS Avocats - Founded in Paris in 1972, today DS brings together close to 300 business lawyers practicing through a network of 23 offices. As early as in the 1980’s, DS Avocats took the strategic step of establishing a foothold in Asia.

 Today DS has 3 offices in China, 2 offices in Vietnam, and 1 office in Singapore. Based on its network of privileged correspondents, DS Avocats also intervenes in India, Japan, as well as other member countries of the ASEAN. Its thorough legal experience and knowledge of local practices, networks, public entities, and its bi-cultural teams have firmly established DS as a key player in the Asian business and legal environment.

Fred & Farid - FRED & FARID is a social, content, tech solutions for brands company based in New York, Shanghai and Paris founded by Frédéric Raillard and Farid Mokart; As a 300 people company, FRED & FARID has worked for more than 300 brands and won 600 international creative and effectiveness awards, including 200 digital distinctions since 2011.

Fred & Farid worked in six agencies in France, followed by BBH London, then Goodby, Silverstein & Partners USA. Back in Paris they launched Marcel for Publicis. In 2007 they launched their own independent company, recording the largest growth in France in the last 5 years.

Mei.com - As the leading Luxury & Fashion Flash Sales website in Asia, Mei.com (Glamour Sales) entered into the China market in April 2010. We remain committed to authentic products with attractive discounts to our smart shoppers.

To date, Mei.com has established official partnerships with over 2,400 international luxury, fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. Daily flash sales begins each morning at 9am. All products of Mei.com are highly curated by our fashion and beauty experts. We strive to deliver a first class luxury shopping experience to you. 

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA) announced has invested in Mei.com last year, China’s leading flash sales platform for luxury and fashion products. This cooperation will enhance Mei.com’s supply chain services of the sales of limited time discounted quality products from well-known international luxury and fashion brands to consumers in China.

Saint-Gobain - has been present in China since 1985. Currently, two of its strategic Sectors, namely the Innovative Materials Sector, comprising Flat Glass and High-Performance Materials, and the Construction Products Sector, are active here.

With a major Research and Development Centre and over 40 manufacturing sites, the Group is active in all the markets and offers our customers a large variety of solutions, ranging from automotive and building glazing to abrasive products, and includes ceramic materials, refractories, high-performance plastics, plasterboard, industrial mortars and ductile cast iron pipes.

Saint-Gobain currently employs more than 9,000 people in China, and in 2015 earned revenues of over 1.2 billion euros

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