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Orianne Garcia

Born on the 27th of June 1972 in Paris, Orianne Garcia starts her professional career in 1995 as founding associate and chief executive of Internet Plus (internet access provider) and Lokace SA (the first French language internet search engine) until 1998. In 1997, she co founds and heads Caramail SA, the 1st French community on the Internet. In January 2002, she changes her position and joins Lycos France (Groupe Bertelsmann) as managing director, in charge of marketing and communication until January 2005. 

She later set up, an online selling website of top brand contact lenses at low prices and became the co-founder and the spokeswoman. In 2008, she co-founded and managed She later pursues her career as co-founder of ISAI (FCPR). Since 2010, she is the associate founder of Sensee, a French optical group (,

Orianne Garcia was awarded many distinctions such as « le Coup de cœur des rédactions 2000 au salon des entrepreneurs Paris 2000 » ; or the award Meilleur entrepreneur de l’année 2000 – Groupe Benchmark (Journal du Net) ; the award « Femme en Or (Trophée Femme en Or Whirlpool) Catégorie Affaires 2000 », « le Coup de cœur Veuve Clicquot – Grand Prix de la Femme d’Affaire 2000 », the « Trofemina Trophée catégorie Business 2009 ». She also arrived among the three best racers at the « Rallye des Princesses 2010, team Citroën sur DS3 », in the recent cars category. 

In 2009, she becomes « Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite ».

Apart from her professional activities, Orianne Garcia has been involved in many activities such as the animation of the television broadcast 3x+Net on France 3 from September 1999 until December 2001; or the animation of the bimonthly internet chronicle in the cultural TV broadcast Rive Droite / Rive Gauche on Paris Première. From September 2003 to January 2004, she directs the bimonthly chronicle Field devant le poste on Paris Premiére (decoding of the television).

Orianne Garcia gives conferences and lectures in various prestigious French business and engineering schools: HEC, HEC major entrepreneurs, ESSEC, Dauphine, Sup de CO Paris (co-founder and patron of the E-business major established in September 2000), BTS business section all over France, ESIEA (Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique Electronique Automatique – patron of the 2002 class), ENSAE (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l’Electronique et de ses Applications - patron of the 2001 class).

She intervenes on a regular basis in France and abroad on diverse aspects of the internet and new technologies in collaboration with big companies, political figures, or in the event of professional manifestations.

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