Meet Rachel Daydou

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I am Rachel, a 30 years old French woman with Jewish Tunisian origins working in China for seven years.

Can you briefly introduce your company? 

For solo founders in non tech businesses who struggle to make a living from their activity, The Concept Lab is a training program which helps founders make their company profitable.

Why Shanghai? 

I have lived in China for seven years, four years in Beijing and now three in Shanghai, I grew up in Paris Chinatown, practiced Kung Fu at very high level for 10 years, studied global economics when China was rising. I got the chance to move here in 2008 to work and study. I loved the feeling of freedom and the ability to reinvent myself. I continued studying Chinese (I now have HSK5) and came back to settle down in 2011. People always ask if I prefer Beijing or Shanghai. I was genuinely interested in Chinese culture so I was glad to land in Beijing because I was able to learn proper Mandarin, make Chinese friends, and experience a more authentic China. Shanghai offers a very comfortable life and many more business opportunities for foreigners so I’m happy to live here now.

In your opinion, what France should bring to China?

WE NEED TARAMA IN CHINA!! That’s the ONE thing I miss most here^^ My friends all know that and go to great trouble to bring me Tarama each time they come.

In your opinion, what China should bring to France?

The dynamic and optimistic mindset.

Would you rather spend a day in private with Jack Ma or receive 1 million renminbi? Why?

I’m not really buying in the cult of personality that some star entrepreneurs like Jack MA or Elon MUSK enjoy but I think I would chose spending the day with Jack Ma as this would be a much better PR investment than the million RMB.

Which Chinese startup do you think inspiring? Why?

爱回收aihuishou (love recycling) is a marketplace to sell and purchase second hand electronics. Whilst neither their product or business model is “disruptive” – this word is totally overrated by the way-  they have a large scale positive impact on the environment. I’m impressed by their artificial intelligence software which scans your phone’s hardware and software to assess the selling price. They also installed recycling boxes in first tiers cities’ subway stations and shopping malls.

Any advice in 3 words to give to those who would like to try their luck in entrepreneurship in Shanghai?

Courage, Discovery and Humility.

Check out Rachel’s personal website (http://rdaydou.sxl.cn) to see how she can help!