Meet Ambroise Proffit

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I’m 28 and arrived in Shanghai end of 2011, right after a Bachelor in Hospitality Management, in Bordeaux. I managed restaurants / bars during this time before recently launching my company.

Can you briefly introduce your company?

DrinKuaidi is an On-Demand Alcohol Delivery service. We’re delivering wine, beer, cocktail & spirits, under an hour. The idea is to deliver a real experience to your place. You’ll get your Sauvignon Blanc chilled, cool beer, lime with your vodka, ice for your Mojito… New related services are coming to complement the experience. 

Why Shanghai?

I was attracted by Asia as a dynamic region and had an opportunity here. My first choice was actually India… I first came here for a 6 months internship in a restaurant. The energy pushed me to stay, with the idea to start my own business. I’ve seen an incredible evolution in 6 years and I’m sure I’ll say the same in 6 years. Let see how we can be part of these changes.

In your opinion, what France should bring to China?

Blue sky… Or more realistically, there is a growing demand for « lifestyle », including F&B where France is well positioned to participate. 

In your opinion, what China should bring to France?

Mobile solutions. It makes our lives easier. WeChat is the best exemple. 

Would you rather be a key employee of big company of your choice or be founder of a humble company? Why?

I like to have a global vision of a business and not being focus on one department. That’s why I’ve mostly been working in small-scale enterprises before creating mine. Running your company gives you the chance to develop your own concept. It’s high demanding, with risk but a potential success is the motivation. 

Would you rather fail all your startups but have a rich social life or make your startup successful but use 5 years of your life cloistered like a hermit? Why?

I’m more of the second type. I think I always can do more at work and it’s difficult for me to take a break sometimes. For a FrenchTech event maybe!

Which Chinese startup do you think inspiring? Why?

There is lots of innovative startups that are changing the market. In the delivery industry Ele.me success is impressive. 

Any advice in 3 words to give to those who would like to try their luck in entrepreneurship in Shanghai?

Lean from others.