Meet Christophe Cermolacce

Can you briefly introduce yourself?

I have been in Asia for 10 years, in Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai. I am passionate about business development.

Can you briefly introduce your company?

NOERDEN is a young French brand. We are a passionate multicultural team of 35 people. We design smart products for active people around the world to track their biometrics and improve their daily health with a focus on reliability and design. NOERDEN has had exponential growth in China since launch this year with thousands of products sold each month. We sell our products exclusively online in China with the best customer satisfaction rates in our segment. We are now in talks to expand towards international distribution.

Why Shanghai?

Shanghai is at the confluence of two worlds and brings the best of both: the dynamism of China, a large pool of Chinese and international talents, and access to global networks.

In your opinion, what France should bring to China? 

Sometimes France can bring some realism in too optimistic business environments. Not everybody can be Jack Ma.

In your opinion, what China should bring to France? 

China can bring dynamism, optimism, fast thinking and access to its huge market to France.

Would you rather fail all your startups but have a rich social life or make your startup successful but use 5 years of your life cloistered like a hermit? Why?

At NOERDEN we work hard, we move and make decisions fast together. We have a strong team spirit and a horizontal organization. We have fun working and growing our business every day. This mindset is one of the key success factors of NOERDEN. So working hard and making our startup successful doesn’t make me feel like a hermit.

If you were a Chinese brand which one would you be? Why?

In my opinion Tencent is the most innovative Chinese company, with a focus on customer experience, strong market cap, large room for growth and high profitability.

Any advice in 3 words to give to those who would like to try their luck in entrepreneurship in Shanghai?

  • Understand well local customs and behaviours
  • Don’t be afraid, there is always a solution
  • Work hard and manage your expectations