Meet Luc Micaelli

Can you briefly introduce yourself? 

My name is Luc Micaelli, I’ve been based in Shanghai since 2012 working in the tech space after spending time in the US and Canada.

Can you briefly introduce your company? 

I’m the founder of Overhand Fitness (www.overhandfitness.com). We make next-gen fitness classes that are immersive and interactive, using wall screens and fitness group tracking technology. Our workouts are responsive to your individual movements: after putting on trackers, you move, and we count. This adds a lot of fun and engagement to the class through gamification: participants can take on gamified fitness challenges, compete individually or in teams during the class, etc. 

You have to see it to really get it:

•English: https://youtu.be/SXFp8V--8yo

•Chinese: https://v.qq.com/x/page/h0546smg2ea.html 

Why Shanghai? 

Having been part of the startup world for 3 years here it was easier for me to find partners, team members and capital in Shanghai. It’s also much cheaper and faster to build a tech product here vs. abroad.

In your opinion, what should France bring to China? 

Talented, imaginative, adventurous, determined people

In your opinion, what should China should bring to France? 

An ecosystem favoring rapid trial and errors to test new concepts and ideas, where the traditional way of doing things can be challenged, and where people are given the opportunity to try doing really cool stuff they would not normally get to do.

Would you rather be a key employee of big company of your choice or be founder of a humble company? Why? 

I work in tech. My goal is not to start a humble company, it’s to start a big, influential company. It’s not about being able to say “I’m the boss”. It’s about impact. And it’s about people. Who’s really smart that you can work with to affect a maximum of people’s lives for the better. Given only these two choices I’d go with option 1: key employee of a big company.

Would you rather work on your dream idea that nobody wants to support or work on a common idea that investors want to fund? Why? 

I’d rather work on my dream idea that people want to support. Execution is more important than the idea itself and you can’t execute on your idea by yourself. You need people (team members, investors, advisors, partners) to believe in your idea as well .

Would you rather fail all your startups but have a rich social life or make your startup successful but use 5 years of your life cloistered like a hermit? Why? 

I don’t think these are mutually exclusive. I think you need to work hard but also have a social life. My friends supported me in so many different ways, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their help. And good luck finding smart, passionate people who want to help work on your vision if you spend your life cloistered like a hermit. You need to get out and let people know about the cool stuff you’re working on.

Would you rather know how to code like a boss or be able to talk decently in Chinese? Why? 

I’d rather know how to code like a boss. It’s harder to find a great coder than to find someone bilingual who can help you with Chinese.

Would you rather have free Kong Pao chicken anytime for life or deprive yourself of French gastronomy for 1 year? Why? 

Kong Pao chicken is not that expensive you know.

Which Chinese startup do you think inspiring? Why? 

I like NOITOM. They do motion capture and VR. It was started by a couple PHDs who launched on Kickstarter early and went on to raise big VC money and build really cool products. I respect their drive, focus, and results.

Any advice in 3 words to give to those who would like to try their luck in entrepreneurship in Shanghai? 

uncomfortable challenges = growth