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Fred Raillard



Fred & Farid agency is one of the leading digital communication agencies in France. The agency was set up in October 2012 in Shanghai, as a result of a decision from its artistic director, a Chinese national who used to live in France and willing to come back to work in his native town. Starting with 3 employees the Shanghai based subsidiary has now more than 120 employees.

Orianne Garcia

Sensee and Lentilles Moins Cheres


Orianne Garcia started her professional career in 1995 as founding associate and chief executive of Internet Plus (internet access provider) and Lokace SA (the first French language internet search engine) until 1998. In 1997, she co founds and heads Caramail SA, the 1st French community on the Internet. In January 2002, she changes her position and joins Lycos France (Groupe Bertelsmann) as managing director, in charge of marketing and communication until January 2005. 

Thibault Villet 

Founder and CEO

Mr. Thibault Villet is CEO and founder of, a leading Chinese luxury and fashion flash sales retailer. Operating in China since 2010, the company collaborates directly with over 2000 international fashion, luxury and lifestyle brands, and helps them to sell their products online, providing outstanding product selection, presentation as well as superior customer experience. has already recruited over 7 million fashionistas in China.